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This site will never be complete, as there are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of TV movies that played back in the day, which have little to no hope of resurrection. However, below are some of these elusive titles that we'd love to include on TV Movies of the Week. If you have copies of any of these, please drop us a line. Thanks!


Blood Sport (1973): a very good movie with Gary Busey and Ben Johnson about high school football. Saw this a long time back, but remember too little to write a proper review.

Cover Girls (1977): a Charlie's Angels ripoff!

The Day The Women Got Even (1980): Title tells all in this comedy which I saw in the day, and thought was pretty funny... all I remember now is the guys dressed up as The Marx Brothers.

Delta County USA (1977; pictured above): way back when there used to be the late late show, I was flipping through the channels, and caught the tail end of a rural comedy where there's a big fight out in the street of a small town. On the sidewalk during this fracas, two old men were talking about possum hunting ("...and before we got bit, we used to take this hot iron..."). I have a hunch this was the movie. If you have this holy grail, I'd love to see it. (Even if this is not in the movie, we'd still love to see it anyway.)

Desperate Voyage (1980): Christopher Plummer as a modern-day pirate endangering a married couple in this nail-biter set on the high seas.

Extreme Closeup (1990): one of the best TV films I ever saw; and it's vivid enough in my memory to write a review, but I'd still love to see it again all the same!

A Few Days in Weasel Creek (1981): rural comedy-drama with Richard Thomas, Mare Winningham, Colleen Dewhurst and Richard Farnsworth! I saw this excellent film twice back in the day, but that was still too long ago to rely upon memory to review.

The Great American Traffic Jam (1980): A pretty good Altmanesque mosaic of assorted characters caught in gridlock.

The Last Day (1975): an excellent TV movie with Robert Conrad, chronicling the ill-fated Coffeyville robbery of the Doolin-Dalton gang.

Massarati and the Brain (1982): a busted action-adventure pilot with Daniel Pilon and Peter Billingsley.

Murder in Music City (1979): Sonny Bono as a songwriting private detective! How can this go wrong?

No Man's Land (1984): The vivacious Stella Stevens and her two equally beautiful daughters help clean up a tough frontier town in this light-hearted western. Actually saw this back in the day, but need a re-watch for a review.

The Outlaws (1984): Another one I saw back in the day and would like to see again. A pretty good comedy-actioner about two dorks who wind up in prison and then are somehow involved in a jailbreak.

Rivkin: Bounty Hunter (1981): a modern-day bounty hunter in Manhattan, with Ron Liebman and Glenn Scarpelli. Saw this on the CBS Late Night movie... can you help bring this back home?

Toma (1973): feature-length pilot to the police series, starring Tony Musante.


Thanks for reading. More to be added.... (and titles will be removed from here, if and when they appear on the site)

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